Lumafy Tip 14

Lumafy Tip 14: Opt in!

Give your learners a choice and let them opt in!
Lumafy Tip 13

Lumafy Tip 13: Build a Game Your Learners Like!

It's easy to build games and activities the instructors like, but make sure you know what your learners want.
Luma + Idelic

Integrity in Action with Luma and Idelic

Have you ever considered the integrity of your learning programs?
Tip 12

Lumafy Tip 12: Early Achievements are Easy to Reach

Make sure rewards don't take too long for learners to achieve!
Lumafy Tip 11

Lumafy Tip 11: Focus on the Meaning of the Achievement

Don't just focus on badges, points, or leaderboards during training. Remember to celebrate the meaning of their achievements.