#whereintheworldisnugget March 2021

Where was Nugget during March 2021?

Lumafy Tip 31: Value Your Learners' Knowledge

Tap into your learners' prior knowledge and let them share what they already know!

Lumafy Tip 30: Create a Jigsaw to Learn

Create an environment where learners can learn from each other.

Lumafy Tip 29: Build a Human Connection When Physically Apart

How do you build a human connection when you are physically apart?

Lumafy Tip 28: Build Shorter Lessons to Take Into Account Limits of Cognition and Attention

Break up your content into eNuggets® to keep learners engaged!

Luma's New Book: Teaching Without A Teaching Degree: Luma Learning Lessons

Check out Luma's newest addition: our book!