Lumafy Tip 44: Turn Multiple-Select Assessments Into Fun Crossword Puzzles

Assessments don't have to be multiple-select tests. Consider a puzzle!

Lumafy Tip 43: Help Keep the Brain Active and Reinforce Important Concepts With Word Games

Word games can develop problem-solving skills and keep the brain active.

Lumafy Tip 42: Pique the Cognitive Interest of Learners by Using Game-Based Designs

Pique learners’ interest with content that looks and feels like a game.

#whereintheworldisnugget June 2021

Where was Nugget during June 2021?

Lumafy Tip 41: Build Emotional Support for Health and Wellness With Team-Based Activities

Create health and wellness teams to build accountability and fun.

Luma Brighter Learning Makes Their Digital Forms Smarter

Luma’s new smart forms can add, subtract, multiply, divide, and so much more!