Lumafy Tip 49: Use Comics and Discussions to Engage Learners

Have you ever thought about using comics in your lessons?

Lumafy Tip 48: Recognizing Others for Doing the Right Things

Give learners the opportunity to recognize others for doing the right things.

A Springboard for Engagement and Retention Using a Community of Learners Approach With America’s Service Line

Our latest white paper explores the question: What are the benefits for COLs in the trucking industry?

Lumafy Tip 47: Promote Shared Lifelong Learning With Open Discussions

Don't make your lessons a one-off experience. Keep the learning going with ongoing discussions.

Lumafy Tip 46: Create Tie-Tac-Toe Challenges in a Synchronous Virtual Meeting

Keep your online meetings exciting with games on the virtual whiteboard!

#whereintheworldisnugget July 2021

Where was Nugget during July 2021?

Lumafy Tip 45: Create Trivia Questions Where Learners Can Spin a Wheel for Prizes

Consider incorporating trivia questions. Correct responses earn the ability to spin a prize wheel!