Luma Connection #49: Discussing Scenarios

Discussing scenarios illustrates the application of concepts and brings learning to life.

Welcome to Luma, David!

Luma is excited to announce our new SaaS Sales Account Executive, David Soda!

Welcome to Luma, Julie!

Luma is excited to announce our all-star Director of Operations, Julie Decker!

Luma Connection #48: National/World Holiday Engagement

Discuss a daily national/world holiday to get a learners’ attention.

Luma Connection #47: Experts

Learn more about Experts, a role-playing discussion technique.

Luma Connection #46: Stars and Stairs

Help learners identify their wins (stars) and challenges (stairs).

Introducing Brush

Introducing Nugget's friend, Brush!

Luma Connection #45: Research-Based Discussions

Help learners find the information versus telling them