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Dear Truck Driver: Reflections from a former driver about how incredibly close we all are to the horror of human trafficking

Over the years, Luma has created courses that are fundamentally important to society.  The subjects of abuse and domestic violence have touched many on our team and are areas that we are always looking to do outreach to help others who have or are struggling. Recently, it was brought to our attention by our Director […]

Who Really Cares About the Oxford Comma?

At Luma, we understand that writing is an important element of every day work. Everyone took some sort of English class, but how many years ago??  Tricia, our copy editor, thought it would be helpful to put together some tips for copyediting. I hope it is useful!  Thank you Tricia!         

Open Education Resources (OERs) Lessons Learned

Over the past four years, we have worked with several universities to build online and blended courses with open education resources (OERs). The goal for all is to provide free or low cost options for students while keeping the same quality of the learning experience for the students. This means out with the textbook and […]

Helping our Houston Friends

At Luma, we contract with subject matter experts across the country to help write curriculum. Over the past couple of weeks, several members of our Houston team have been either directly impacted or personally know someone who has been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  When you live in Indiana, it can be difficult to know exactly […]

Onboarding Quickly and Efficiently

How many times have you started a new job and had to sit in an all day training (or multiple days or weeks) to learn everything you needed to know about your new job?  How much do you remember the next day? How effective was the training? From a trainer and trainee perspective, these sessions […]

Being Healthy on the Road!

Summer time is often a time for travel and a time where many of us are on the go and on the road. This means health and fitness are the first things that go out the window. While this may be a challenge for us during the summer, this is a common challenge for truck […]

Driver Road Check is Coming!

The Stay Metrics team partnered with Luma has released a FREE refresher training and self-assessment in advance of Roadcheck 2017, with a focus on Cargo Securement. Fleet managers and drivers everywhere can take the training by using and sharing the link. How many can you answer? https://lnkd.in/eNPNYs9 You can read more about the complimentary driver […]