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Learning is Relevance

How many times have you taken a training and thought, is this really relevant to me? With instructional design, you have to be on the heartbeat of relevance and know that what might be relevant to one audience may not be relevant to another audience. So, you have to form partnerships with industry experts who […]

Domestic Violence Training in Hotel Industry

Luma’s course, Responding to Domestic Violence in the Hospitality Industry, fits a need in the hospitality industry, according to Nancy Brown, an international travel blogger. Nancy Brown travels the world and has been a silent witness to domestic violence in the workplace. You can read Nancy’s writeup of Luma’s course. I see Domestic Violence in […]

What is an eNugget?

What is an eNugget®? Clients often ask us, what is an eNugget®? An eNugget® is a small amount of content that contains between five and nine essential details for the learner. A course, or collection, is comprised of several eNuggets®. By breaking down and categorizing the information, learners are free to explore the content and […]