Authenticity Tip #6: Create Practical Learning Discussions

I Love Learning Podcast, EP6: Katie Love, Team Lead Growth Marketing at Babbel

Luma Brighter Learning wins Insight Expo 2023 Partner Showdown

An exciting win for the Luma team!

Authenticity Tip #5: Provide Practical Applications for Learning

I Love Learning Podcast, EP5: Rob Carpenter: President of Carpenter Compliance

Authenticity Tip #4: Offer Training in Non-Traditional Ways

I Love Learning Podcast, EP4: Paul L. Gunn Jr., CEO of KUOG Corporation

Authenticity Tip #3: Include Multiple Perspectives to Learn

I Love Learning Podcast, EP3: Kyle Burns, Corporate Director, Safety and Risk Management at JP Noonan

Authenticity Tip #2: Build Actual Hands-On Experiences for Your Learners

I Love Learning Podcast, EP2: Rick Larkin, CIO of BCB Transport

Authenticity Tip #1: Variance in Learning Formats

I Love Learning Podcast, EP1: Dean James, Instructional Designer

Empirical Training Solutions, Luma Brighter Learning partner

Our partnership will help government entities and transportation companies.