Luma Connections #15: Using Learning Communities to Evaluate Places

Use a discussion board to gather recommendations from your community.

Luma Brighter Learning Wins Gold in 11th annual 2021 Best in Biz Awards

Luma is recognized as the most customer friendly company of the year.

Luma Connections #14: Voice A Need! Respond to a Need.

Learn how to leverage your community of learners to help.

Luma Connections #13: Just-in-Time Safety Communication

Let your Community of Learners spread timely news using discussion boards.

Luma Connections #12: Teaching Respect in a Safe Environment

What does respect mean to your learners? Try this Word Cloud activity to find out!

#whereinthewoldisnugget November 2021

Where was Nugget during November 2021?

Luma Connections #11: Getting to Know Your Learners

Create a community around the individuals participating in it.

Luma Connections #10: Create a Safe Place for a Debate

Choose a hot topic in your industry and provide a safe space for debate.

Luma Connections #9: Create a Discussion Leader

Give your learners the opportunity to lead a discussion.