Luma Connections #3: Communicate Expectations

Prepare your learners with a list of expectations.

#whereinthewoldisnugget September 2021

Where was Nugget during September 2021?

Luma Connections #2: Provide Mixture of Discussion Board Sizes

Don't limit your classes with one size fits all discussion boards!

Luma Connections #1: Create Divergent Questions

Find out how divergent questions can spark engaging discussions.

#whereintheworldisnugget August 2021

Where was Nugget during August 2021?

Introducing Entry-Level Driver Training from Luma

Luma introduces their Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) eNugget® Solution

Lumafy Tip 52: Fill a Cup

How can your learners show kindness in a virtual setting?

Luma Brighter Learning Placed on the Most Awarded Company List in the Best in Biz Awards 2021 International

Luma wins big at the Best in Biz Awards 2021 International

Lumafy Tip 51: Share Playlists for Recognition

Are your learners feeling isolated? Consider sharing playlists, podcasts, and radio recommendations via discussion boards.