Lumafy Tip 27: Create Adaptive Experiences So All Learning Is Relevant

Let your learners' previous knowledge and experiences influence their exploration.
Lumafy Tip 26

Lumafy Tip 26: Build Interactions to Apply Knowledge

Lumafy lessons with simple interactions like matching and sorting to immediately apply what they have learned!
Lumafy Tip 25

Lumafy Tip 25: Build Scavenger Hunts Out in the Field

How can you get your users to act on what they've learned? Create a scavenger hunt!
Lumafy Tip 24

Lumafy Tip 24: Check Your Leadership Style: Director vs. Coach?

What's your leadership style? Are you a director or a coach?

Lumafy Tip 23: Integrate Knowledge Through Peer Critique

Learning is promoted when learners can prove knowledge through public demonstration.

Lumafy Tip 22: Create Profiles to Build Connections

Challenge learners to build out their profiles and add some personality to their training.
Welcome Andrew

Welcome to the Team!

Luma is excited to announce our most recent hire: Andrew Hunter, Application Developer.
Lumafy 21

Lumafy Tip 21: Consider Different Learning Preferences

Lessons are typically delivered in the way the instructor learns best. Keeping your learner's preferences in mind when creating content.
Lumafy 20

Lumafy Tip 20: Use Open-Ended Questions to Assess Learning

Put learner's in the driver's seat by asking open-ended questions that require engagement with training content.