Luma Connection #32: Invite Special Guests

Inviting industry experts can be a meaningful and satisfying experience for learners.

Luma Connection #31: Chat About It

Increase live meeting engagement by asking for responses in the chat.

Luma Connection #30: Tips for Polls

How can you increase engagement in your live online class? Polls!

Luma Connection #29: Tap Into the Power of “Why?”

Asking “Why?” can unlock deeper thinking in classroom discussions.

Luma Connection #28: Break the Ice

A great way to start any meeting is an icebreaker.

Luma Connection #27: Use the Think and Write Strategy

Use this Think and Write Learning Strategy to help learners organize their thoughts.

Luma Connections #26: Managing Discussion Posts

Use these strategies for managing responses and building a community.

Luma Connections #25: Cultivate Effective Peer Post Responses

Establish clear and specific guidelines for responding to discussion posts.

Applying Cognitive Learning Strategies, Using eNuggets® to Improve Safety Performance of Dart Transit Company

What does it take to create a culture of safety within an organization?