Luma Connection #45: Research-Based Discussions

Help learners find the information versus telling them

Luma Connection #44: "Thankful For" Discussion

Allow learners to share what they are thankful for.

Luma Connection #43: Discussion Critics

Use the Discussion Critics strategy to have learners rate the discussion on the spot.

Luma Connection #42: Using Prior Knowledge to Build Cognitive Connections

Try these tips for building cognitive connections during online discussions.

Welcome to Luma, Tony!

Luma is excited to announce our most recent hire: Tony Nester as Director of Information Technology!

Luma Connection #41: Virtual Socratic Seminars

Socratic Seminars enable learners to deeply explore a topic.

Luma Connection #40: Create Open-Ended Questions vs Closed-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions increase learner engagement.

Luma Connection #39: Peer-to-Peer Video Discussions

Bring video to online discussions.

Luma Connection #38: Use Structured Strategies in Breakout Rooms

Breakout room discussions improve learning and increase engagement.