Welcome to the Team!

Luma is excited to announce our most recent hire: Logan Weathersby as Instructional Technologist!
Reward Meaning and Levels

Lumafy Tip 7: Reward Meaning and Levels

Does your organization give out rewards? We'll show you how to give rewards meaning and value, ensuring learners remain engaged and motivated.

Luma Brighter Learning Wins Gold Stevie® Award in 2020 Stevie Awards for Women in Business

Luma has been named the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the Company of the Year – Consumer Products category in the 17th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business.
Provide Feedback Loops

Lumafy Tip 6: Provide Feedback Loops

What kind of feedback do you currently give your learners? This week, learn to #lumafy your training and provide regular feedback to help push your learners towards success!
Lumafy Tip 5

Lumafy Tip 5: Provide opportunities for all learners to receive and give kudos!

Are instructors the only ones who can give kudos in your organization? Lumafy your training to create opportunities for all learners to receive and give kudos.
Tip 4

Lumafy Tip 4: Set a Specific Campaign and Communicate It!

Do your learners see ongoing training as monotonous and endless? We'll show you how to make learning fun and purposeful with different campaigns and challenges.
Lumafy Tip 3

Lumafy Tip 3: Know The Goals of Your Learners

Can you motivate your learners to engage in more safety training? Tap into your learner's goals, while ultimately accomplishing your own company goals.

Luma Announces LumaLens to Document Training Events with Photo Evidence

Luma announces the release of LumaLens, the trucking industry’s first camera-based authentication process for online driver training.

Lumafy Tip 2: Allow Learners Power Over Their Own Learning Paths

This week's Lumafy tip demonstrates how to give learners power over their own learning paths.