Lumafy Tip 39: Engage Learners With Hidden Gems

Incorporate hidden gems within your presentation to keep learners engaged.

Lumafy Tip 38: Stay Emotionally Connected to Learners Through Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words. Lumafy content with photo collages and prizes!

#whereintheworldisnugget May 2021

Where was Nugget during May 2021?

Lumafy Tip 37: Build a Purposeful Human Connection

Check the pulse of your learners! Send out weekly polls and incentivize responses.

#whereintheworldisnugget April 2021

Where was Nugget during April 2021?

Lumafy Tip 36: Set Real-World Context with Treasure Hunts

Try a treasure hunt to tie disconnected online learning back to the real world.

Lumafy Tip 35: Solve it!

Keep your lessons interesting and engage learners in out-of-the box thinking challenges.

Lumafy Tip 34: Bridge Communication Gaps

Check out these creative tips to engage your team virtually.

Lumafy Tip 33: Bring Health Into the Game

Gaming strategies can be used for more than academics. Consider a health challenge for your workplace!