Luma Links Driver Wellness to Retention: Motor carrier wellness programs prove essential to combating the driver shortage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE [Mount Pleasant, S.C., May 23, 2023] — Luma…

Luma Brighter Learning Taps Into Motivational Psychology Theories to Help Reduce Distracted Driving

Luma has developed learning modules grounded in psychology.

The Link Between Wellness and Retention: Luma’s Framework for Building an Employee Health and Wellness Program

What does it take to build a successful wellness program within trucking organizations?

Applying Cognitive Learning Strategies, Using eNuggets® to Improve Safety Performance of Dart Transit Company

What does it take to create a culture of safety within an organization?

A Springboard for Engagement and Retention Using a Community of Learners Approach With America’s Service Line

Our latest white paper explores the question: What are the benefits for COLs in the trucking industry?

Luma's Latest White Paper Asks: "Are Videos the Primary Medium You Use?"

Our latest white paper explores the question: What methods best facilitate adult learning and human development under different situations?

The Interaction of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) & The Short-haul 100 Air-mile Radius Exception

Luma's weekly series, Learning Strategies in the Transportation Industry, continues with a FREE lesson on the interaction of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) & short-haul 100 air-mile radius exception.

Luma Learning Strategies in the Transportation Industry: City Driving

Starting today, Luma will release weekly lessons specific to the transportation industry. This week's lesson focuses on City Driving and includes instruction for classroom & online.

Our new white paper will help you assess the return on investment with training.

Luma “Brighter Learning,” an instructional design company, has published an industry white paper that delineates a proven method to assess the effectiveness of driver training programs.