Be More Optimistic

Strategies to Be Optimistic

This is a good time to pause and check on the health and well-being of others. This week's lesson addresses ways to interact with learners outside a physical classroom, while supporting their social emotional well-being.
How to Wash Your Hands

How to Wash Your Hands

With the outbreak of the coronavirus increasing, it's a good time to reinforce the importance of washing your hands. This Learning Lesson provides participants with the opportunity to practice and model for others.

Fatigue: Musical Discussion

Fatigue affects everyone at one time or another, but commercial drivers face a greater risk of working while fatigued than most professions. This week's Learning Lesson defines fatigue and provides strategies for dealing with one of the major job challenges drivers face.

Preventive Screening

The new year is a great time to reflect on your health. We often take it for granted and do not pay attention until we are sick. Do not wait until it's too late! This week's lesson focuses on introducing preventive screening to your employees and drivers.
Setting Realistic Weight Goals

Setting Realistic Weight Goals

This is a popular time of year to set weight loss goals, but when you don't have a plan, goals can become overwhelming. This week's learning lesson includes a FREE worksheet to set you up for success in 2020!

Dealing with Stress and Depression

The holidays can be difficult for many people, including your employees and colleagues. This week's Luma lesson includes FREE worksheets to identify feelings in specific situations and strategies for coping with stress and depression.

Basic First Aid: Hands-Only CPR – SAVE A LIFE!

Save a life! This week's FREE lesson includes several helpful resources and clear steps to practice hands-only CPR with your employees.

Work/Life Balance Assessment

Work-life balance is an important component of a healthy life. This week's FREE lesson includes a questionnaire for self-assessing work-life balance and steps to discuss in a group setting in class or online.

The CDL Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

Do your employees know about the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse coming in 2020? Review the facts with our FREE lesson & printable board game in this week's installment of Learning Strategies in the Transportation Industry.