Luma Connections #24: Our Dance Challenge

Get your learners moving with a dance challenge!

Luma Connections #23: Share an Act of Kindness

Challenge learners to perform an act of kindness and have them share what they did.

Luma Connections #22: A Coloring Creativity Contest

Coloring can help a person relax and release stress.

Luma Connections #21: Facilitate a Newsroom

Create a space for your learners to share current events.

Luma Connections #20: Share Healthy Options

Learn how to create space for healthy discussion.

Luma Connections #19: Passion Posts

Give learners a space to discuss their passions!

Luma Connections #18: Show and Tell

Use a show and tell discussion board to stay connected to your learners.

Luma Connections #17: Ask the Learner

Ask your learners what types of discussion boards they want.

Luma Connections 16: Create an "I Wonder Board"

Give your learners a place to post questions they are wondering about.