Luma Connections #15: Using Learning Communities to Evaluate Places

Use a discussion board to gather recommendations from your community.

Luma Connections #14: Voice A Need! Respond to a Need.

Learn how to leverage your community of learners to help.

Luma Connections #13: Just-in-Time Safety Communication

Let your Community of Learners spread timely news using discussion boards.

Luma Connections #12: Teaching Respect in a Safe Environment

What does respect mean to your learners? Try this Word Cloud activity to find out!

Luma Connections #11: Getting to Know Your Learners

Create a community around the individuals participating in it.

Luma Connections #10: Create a Safe Place for a Debate

Choose a hot topic in your industry and provide a safe space for debate.

Luma Connections #9: Create a Discussion Leader

Give your learners the opportunity to lead a discussion.

Luma Connections #8: Fun Spaces

Create discussion boards where learners can connect and have fun.

Luma Connections #7: Low Stakes

Help get the ball rolling by keeping interactions low stakes.