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Being Healthy on the Road!

Summer time is often a time for travel and a time where many of us are on the go and on the road. This means health and fitness are the first things that go out the window. While this may … Continued

Using Problem-based learning

Problem-based learning (PBL) is an effective instructional approach first developed for use in health science fields to immerse students in complex situations (Barrows & Tamblyn, 1980). Luma has found it to be a promising approach to teach children (Dysard & … Continued

A Letter from Anonymous

This month, we have been writing topics related to domestic violence. Interestingly, one survivor of abuse contacted me to express her appreciation about bringing awareness to this important topic, but she wished more was being done at her workplace related … Continued

Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Much of society deems domestic violence as a private, family matter. Employers are no exception. Employers, like workers, need to understand that domestic violence is not only a family problem, but an issue of violence that transcends family life and … Continued

Learning is Relevance

How many times have you taken a training and thought, is this really relevant to me? With instructional design, you have to be on the heartbeat of relevance and know that what might be relevant to one audience may not … Continued

Domestic Violence Training in Hotel Industry

Luma’s course, Responding to Domestic Violence in the Hospitality Industry, fits a need in the hospitality industry, according to Nancy Brown, an international travel blogger. Nancy Brown travels the world and has been a silent witness to domestic violence in … Continued

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