Lumafy Tip 18

Lumafy Tip 18: Ask Learners What They Want to Learn

Your learners have to sit through training, so why not find out what they want to learn?
Lumafy Tip 17

Lumafy Tip 17: Give Learners the Choice on What to Display

Keep achievements personal and allow your learners to choose which badges they want to display.
Lumafy tip 16

Lumafy Tip 16: Use a Combination of Collaborative and Competitive Approaches

Not every lesson has to be a competition. Mix up your instruction with collaborative team challenges.
Lumafy Tip 15

Lumafy Tip 15: Integrate Gamification With Current Solution. No Extra Work!

Gamification can be a waste of time for your learners if it isn't integrated with the content.
Lumafy Tip 14

Lumafy Tip 14: Opt in!

Give your learners a choice and let them opt in!
Lumafy Tip 13

Lumafy Tip 13: Build a Game Your Learners Like!

It's easy to build games and activities the instructors like, but make sure you know what your learners want.
Tip 12

Lumafy Tip 12: Early Achievements are Easy to Reach

Make sure rewards don't take too long for learners to achieve!
Lumafy Tip 11

Lumafy Tip 11: Focus on the Meaning of the Achievement

Don't just focus on badges, points, or leaderboards during training. Remember to celebrate the meaning of their achievements.
Lumafy Tip 10

Lumafy Tip 10: Build Your Learning Story

Traditional learning programs can get boring, fast. Lumafy your training by building an iterative process with gaming elements and feedback from your learners.