DRIVE FIRST Orientation

Learning is Getting Drivers Oriented

Get truck drivers onboard and oriented effectively and efficiently.


We do not try to be a
“one-size fits all”.


We can help you build an onboarding/orientation
process that works for you.


We help you with what you need.

Want to streamline your orientation process?

With so many moving parts and vendors it can be overwhelming. We can help you build an orientation process that works for you. (e.g. fully online, hybrid, and/or combination). We have a library of content and forms, but we work with your team to decide what is best for your situation and drivers.

Also, and most importantly, how do we make an impact with the drivers? Having studied drivers learning preferences for 4 years, we know some drivers have unique learning challenges. We use this data to inform how we present information to the drivers.

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Bring On board Instructional Design Expertise

Our clients say, “we feel like you are part of our team.”  We do not have interns working with you. You work directly with experts in the learning and technology fields.  When you hire Luma you bring on board some of the top talent in the instructional design and technology fields.  This sets us apart from our competition. Our mission is to create measurably better outcomes while providing stellar customer service. We have worked with several carriers who transitioned to us because they saw that we want to make a difference with their own onboarding/orientation situation. We are are there when you need us.

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Use Training that is
Grounding in Learning Science

Use Training that is Grounding in Learning Science

We know there are already companies that do digital forms, online training, and digital file storage. We have the same tools, but we ground our platform in learning science. We want to create better outcomes so we collect data to inform future decisions about your drivers.  We break down content to help drivers learn and we can assign specific training if drivers need extra information. We also simplify the daunting task of filling out forms by auto populating fields so drivers only have to fill fields out one time.


Experience Quality Customer Service

Experience Quality Customer Service

  • Work directly with experts in the learning field to help you build your DRIVE FIRST Onboarding Orientation that meets your needs.
  • Get responsive (<24) service.
  • Get access to pre-built content and forms that take into account driver’s learning preferences.
  • Get ongoing data to keep you informed with progress and outcomes.

Improve your orientation solution by working with Luma today.

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