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Want to engage, retain, and train your drivers?

Luma has partnered with Stay Metrics, experts in driver retention, to provide driver safety, wellness, and orientation training.

“This engaging and rewarding training experience increases driver satisfaction and retention for our clients,” says Tim Hindes, chief executive officer of Stay Metrics. “More importantly, it is helping drivers to be safer and healthier, which benefits them individually and the trucking industry as a whole.”

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Bring the Best Education to your Drivers

“The online content we used previously was very long and repetitive. Drivers opposed the length and many would not do it,” says Injury Management Coordinator Shirley Gurney, RN. “The training we get from Stay Metrics is short, to the point, and very interactive. Drivers love it. They’ve made comments that it’s like playing a video game, but most importantly they truly retain what they are being taught.”

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Use Training that is
Grounding in Learning Science

Use Training that is Grounding in Learning Science

The first step to learn is to have someone’s attention. Luma grounds driver’s training in learning science research—We get your driver’s attention and keep it. “This is the only training we’ve found that we like,” says Jason Eisenman, safety manager of the 150-truck fleet. “We have tried a couple of different services, but the training from Stay Metrics is customizable and tailored specifically to drivers and the topics that are important to them.”


Build Custom Solutions for your Drivers

Build Custom Solutions for your Drivers

You can engage with our current safety and wellness offerings in conjunction with StayMetrics rewards solutions OR we can work with you to create a custom training solution that meets your needs.

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