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Luma Brighter Learning creates beautiful learning that engages and inspires. We offer instructional design and development services coupled with Luma eNugget® Learning, our comprehensive and robust learning platform. We also offer a kindness curriculum grounded in building emotional intelligence and character.

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Luma eNugget® Learning

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Bee Kind Curriculum

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About Luma eNugget® Learning

We create custom micro-learning programs with game-based technologies. With our eNugget® Learning platform, you can:

Go paperless and save money with digital forms and file cabinets

Customize content though advanced content creation tools

Create authentic and targeted assessments with nine assessment question types

Differentiate and scaffold learning through learning paths

Increase learner-to-learner interactions through online discussion boards

Provide synchronous training sessions and learner support through the LumaLive® conferencing tool

Provide accessible training with a screen reader and a translator that translates content into more than 20 languages

Receive refreshing and responsive customer support in as little as 24 hours

Track progress and collect data through a variety of report types

Create incentive programs to increase authentic engagement and motivation

Interact with users through the Messaging tool

About the Bee Kind Curriculum

Building emotional intelligence is important throughout life, and learning how to display appropriate character starts at an early age. However, strategies for coping and displaying kindness can be learned at any age.

Imagine if everyone in the world started the habit of kindness! Our world would be happier, more positive, healthier, motivated, productive, confident, collaborative, and joyful.

We have partnered with The Honey Foundation to offer this Bee Kind curriculum.

The Bee Kind curriculum teaches students the importance of performing acts of kindness while providing emotional intelligence training, with topics that include:

  Positive self-esteem
  Effective communication skills
  Positive thinking
  Conflict resolution
  Philanthropy and community

Program Goals

Specifically, with this curriculum, your learners will learn to:

  1. Use kindness as a teaching tool and instill healthy social and emotional habits that students will carry with them throughout their lives
  2. Foster a kinder community within your school, with the ultimate goal of preventing bullying among students
  3. Inspire your students to be a force of change, spreading kindness throughout your community

More about The Honey Foundation

“We Bee-lieve the world receives hope through kindness.”

The Honey Foundation focuses on providing kindness education programs to schools and organizations. They have studied the implications of incorporating the Bee Kind curriculum and strategies, and they have reported a 51% decrease in disciplinary actions at the schools participating in their programs, as well as increased productivity in the classroom. They have also received feedback from organizations stating that the Bee Kind curriculum has helped develop a kinder culture while also increasing productivity in the workplace.

Product Features

Luma eNugget® Learning Bee Kind Curriculum
Instructional design and LMS support
Benefit from access to a training specialist for instructional design and learning management system (LMS) support.


Set up and support material included in the LMS.

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Learning Lessons

Benefit from free teaching strategies.


Access free, game-based tips.


Access Luma Brighter Learning white papers.

Content and Automation

Run all training programs from online, face-to-face (F2F), and blended orientation when you create custom micro lessons.

Series of eNuggets® (9-11) per grade band and age range that can be assigned out of the box

  • Pre-K and K
  • Grades 1 and 2
  • Grades 3-5
  • Grades 6-8
  • Grades 9-12
  • + Adult

These eNuggets® include lessons, strategies, and worksheets to support learners in being kind.

Interactive content creation tool

Build interactive custom content.

Custom content

Load custom content in any format.

Triggers and schedules

Automatically send out training on events on a schedule.

Forms and Smart Forms eSignatures

Make any file digital and fillable (e.g., accident forms, truck permits).


Luma has FMCSA-approved training and can incorporate custom certificates.


Communicate through Luma’s online synchronous tool.


Communicate through real-time text and email messaging.

Discussion boards

Set up learner-to-learner interaction.

Anonymous and non-anonymous surveys and polls

Get user feedback.

Newsletters and announcements

Post any digital communication to Luma.


Use out-of-the box or custom reporting.

Track Mastery

Track mastery of the curriculum with a prepared Google doc.


Document training with online proctoring.

Record Keeping

Upload expiration dates from f2f schedules and keep track of f2f sign in forms and documentation. Leave private notes on learners.

File Cabinet

Keep digital forms and files safe and secure and help with reminders with upcoming expiration dates. Use File Cabinet for document versioning and storage for files across an organization. Permissions tightly controlled.

Rewards and Incentives

Company stores and merchandise

Build incentive programs.

Digital badges and points

Use game-based features with or without incentives.


Incorporate internal challenges.