Staying Hydrated

Staying Hydrated

Luma Learning Strategies in the Transportation Industry

Summer is almost here! While staying hydrated anytime is important, when it gets hot you have to really pay attention to your levels…before it is too late. This learning lesson will push you to consider the roadblocks to staying hydrated. Then, we will brainstorm strategies for staying hydrated this summer!

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Our free Luma Learning Lessons include objectives, estimated time, materials and instructional procedures for classroom and online/blended teaching. We will provide strategies on how to use our new LumaLive technology to collaborate virtually in real-time. We include these pillars from our learning research to illustrate where they are infused in our lessons.

Interaction Types

For decades there has been discussions of interaction types in education. (Anderson, 2003) Most interaction types observed in driver training traditionally are learner to instructor or learner to content. Moreover, most interaction time with driver training and orientation is synchronous or at the same time. This Learning Strategy is going to help you think about ways you can hold training without a physical classroom.

Interaction Time

The following Lesson is broken down into two different interaction times.

Lesson #42: Staying Hydrated


  • Brainstorm the roadblocks to staying hydrated.
  • Create strategies for staying hydrated.

Estimated Time

30 minutes


Instructional Procedures for Synchronous Training
(or at the same time without a classroom)
  1. AuthenticitySend out the Roadblocks to Hydration Worksheet before you meet.
  2. Meet up in webinar technology, like LumaLive.
  3. AuthenticityShare videos so you can share each person’s gallery artifact.
  4. AuthenticityTell them before you start to have them write down any new ideas that they did not consider before the galley walk. They will not be walking around if you meet online, but they can still share through the video.
  5. AuthenticityEngagementGo around and have each participant share their strategy for overcoming a roadblock.
  6. Invite participants to share any new Ah Ha moments! they had the experience. Ask them, What do you think is the best way to teach others about staying hydrated?
  7. Send out the Roadblocks to Hydration eNugget® in Luma as a refresher a week after the live session.

Instructional Procedures for Asynchronous Training
(or not at the same time)
  1. AuthenticitySend out the Roadblocks to Hydration Worksheet.
  2. AuthenticityInvite participants to share their posters/artifacts in an online discussion board.
  3. Post these additional questions:
    • What is one new strategy you learned from your peers?
    • What do you think is the best way to teach others about staying hydrated?
  4. Send out the Roadblocks to Hydration eNugget® in Luma as a summary to the experience.


Anderson, T. (2003). Modes of interaction in distance education: Recent developments and research questions. Handbook of distance education, 129-144.