Lumafy Tip 10

Lumafy Tip 10: Build Your Learning Story

Traditional learning programs can get boring, fast. Lumafy your training by building an iterative process with gaming elements and feedback from your learners.
Lumafy Tip 9

Lumafy Tip 9: Utilize Social Recognition

How does your organization recognize learning and training achievements? Find out how to provide various opportunities for learners to share their success.
Lumafy Tip 8

Lumafy Tip 8: Game Economy

"Things" don't have to be the only reward for a job well done! This week's tip shows you how to mix up your game economy with other options.
Reward Meaning and Levels

Lumafy Tip 7: Reward Meaning and Levels

Does your organization give out rewards? We'll show you how to give rewards meaning and value, ensuring learners remain engaged and motivated.
Provide Feedback Loops

Lumafy Tip 6: Provide Feedback Loops

What kind of feedback do you currently give your learners? This week, learn to #lumafy your training and provide regular feedback to help push your learners towards success!
Prioritizing Tasks

Prioritizing Tasks

We are all busy and it can be tricky to decide what to do next. With emails, phone calls, text messages, work can become overwhelming quickly. This Learning Lesson will help you learn how to prioritize tasks.
Building Self-Confidence

Building Self-Confidence

Do you ever feel like you don’t have confidence in yourself or the things you do daily? This Learning Lesson will help you brainstorm ideas to help build self-confidence.
Coming Changes to the Federal Hours of Service Rules

Coming Changes to the Federal Hours of Service Rules

Will you be ready when the Hours of Service for Drivers (HOS) rule changes take effect September 29th, 2020? This lesson provides synchronous and asynchronous game-based instruction for your employees and drivers.
Staying Hydrated

Staying Hydrated

Summer is almost here! While staying hydrated is always important, when it gets hot you have to really pay attention to your levels. This learning lesson comes with a free worksheet to help brainstorm strategies for staying hydrated this summer!