Luma Connections #8: Fun Spaces

Create discussion boards where learners can connect and have fun.

Luma Connections #7: Low Stakes

Help get the ball rolling by keeping interactions low stakes.

Luma Connections #6: Use Photos to Connect Learners

Photos can help a community of learners make connections.

Luma Connections #5: Avoid Being the Sage on the Stage

Learn how to avoid being the Sage on the Stage by becoming the Guide by the Side!

Luma Connections #4: Give Learners a Choice

Increase participation by giving your learners a choice in how they can respond.

Luma Connections #3: Communicate Expectations

Prepare your learners with a list of expectations.

Lumafy Tip 52: Fill a Cup

How can your learners show kindness in a virtual setting?

Lumafy Tip 51: Share Playlists for Recognition

Are your learners feeling isolated? Consider sharing playlists, podcasts, and radio recommendations via discussion boards.

Lumafy Tip 50: Post a Photo and Caption It

Encourage learners to post their own photos or captions.