Lumafy Tip 1

Lumafy Tip 1: Create an Emotional Connection to Your Learners

Over the next year, Luma will roll out a new series of weekly tips to teach you how to #lumafy your training. This week we will show you how to create an emotional connection to your learners.
IST 2020

2020 Indiana University IST Conference Keynote

Watch the keynote address from the 2020 Indiana University Instructional Systems Technology (IST) Conference.

Back Injury Prevention Techniques

With COVID-19, many people continue to work from home. Are you sitting more at a desk? Is your back sore? This week's Learning Lesson provides some back injury prevention tips that might help!
COVID journaling

COVID-19 Outbreak Journaling/Writing Prompts for Adults and Children

Journaling can help manage anxiety, reduce stress, and help you cope with depression. It can also help children who may be bored or home schooled. This week's lesson will provide tips to help you or your children get started.
Strategies for Saving Money

Strategies for Saving Money

There's nothing worse than having an unexpected financial crisis! It’s important to save money, reduce costs, and make plans to put away a little extra money for future goals. This Learning Lesson provides helpful strategies for saving money.
The Value of Pets for Human Health

The Value of Pets for Human Health

Did you know the Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides research on the benefits of owning a pet? This week's lesson unveils these benefits and will help you consider if owning a pet is right for you.
BEE Kind

Be Kind Just Bee Cause

This week's lesson idea comes to us from our friends at the Honey Foundation and their book Be Kind Just Bee Cause. As their Queen bee says, “If you want other bees to change, set the example of kindness, and ask for nothing in exchange.”
Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Maintaining Healthy Relationships

This week's lesson focuses on teaching others to recognize unhealthy relationships and how to get help.
How to Ask Good Questions and Listen More Effectively

How to Ask Good Questions and Listen Effectively

Are you a good listener or do you find yourself dominating conversations? Good communication is paramount to being an effective employee, trainer, co-worker, and friend. This lesson provides strategies for asking questions and building listening skills.