Luma Connections: Building Learning Communities to Connect Learners Remotely

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Luma Connection #52: Discussion Badges

Give virtual badges to learners for participating in online discussions.

Luma Connection #51: Review Sessions

Review sessions help learners feel confident and prepared for tests.

Luma Connection #50: Pass the Torch

Lets learner lead the discussion by selecting who will respond next.

Luma Connection #49: Discussing Scenarios

Discussing scenarios illustrates the application of concepts and brings learning to life.

Luma Connection #48: National/World Holiday Engagement

Discuss a daily national/world holiday to get a learners’ attention.

Luma Connection #47: Experts

Learn more about Experts, a role-playing discussion technique.

Luma Connection #46: Stars and Stairs

Help learners identify their wins (stars) and challenges (stairs).

Luma Connection #45: Research-Based Discussions

Help learners find the information versus telling them