Luma Announces LumaLens to Document Training Events with Photo Evidence

Luma announces the release of LumaLens, the trucking industry’s first camera-based authentication process for online driver training.

Welcome to the Team!

Luma is excited to announce our most recent hire: John Vavul!
Welcome to Luma

The Luma Team is Growing!

Luma is excited to announce our most recent hires: Tammy Javor and Renee Faulkner!

LumaLive: The Future of Orientation and Training

Do you wish your team could facilitate real-time meetings with drivers in multiple locations? You're in luck! LumaLive allows our clients to connect wherever users have cell or wifi coverage.

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Meet Luma (& Improve Your Driver Training!)

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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training: How Do We Regulate Our Emotions

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