Lumafy Tip 27: Create Adaptive Experiences So All Learning Is Relevant

Let your learners' previous knowledge and experiences influence their exploration.
Lumafy Tip 26

Lumafy Tip 26: Build Interactions to Apply Knowledge

Lumafy lessons with simple interactions like matching and sorting to immediately apply what they have learned!
Lumafy Tip 25

Lumafy Tip 25: Build Scavenger Hunts Out in the Field

How can you get your users to act on what they've learned? Create a scavenger hunt!
Lumafy Tip 24

Lumafy Tip 24: Check Your Leadership Style: Director vs. Coach?

What's your leadership style? Are you a director or a coach?

Lumafy Tip 23: Integrate Knowledge Through Peer Critique

Learning is promoted when learners can prove knowledge through public demonstration.

Lumafy Tip 22: Create Profiles to Build Connections

Challenge learners to build out their profiles and add some personality to their training.
Lumafy 21

Lumafy Tip 21: Consider Different Learning Preferences

Lessons are typically delivered in the way the instructor learns best. Keeping your learner's preferences in mind when creating content.
Lumafy 20

Lumafy Tip 20: Use Open-Ended Questions to Assess Learning

Put learner's in the driver's seat by asking open-ended questions that require engagement with training content.
Lumafy 19

Lumafy Tip 19: Creating Active Learning Opportunities

Get your users thinking about what they know and want to learn by creating active learning opportunities!