Lumafy Tip 34: Bridge Communication Gaps

Check out these creative tips to engage your team virtually.

Lumafy Tip 33: Bring Health Into the Game

Gaming strategies can be used for more than academics. Consider a health challenge for your workplace!

Lumafy Tip 32: Giving Bonus Points and Recognition to Promote Early and Ongoing Engagement

Make sure the rewards match the effort. Award learners for being engaged and completing work ahead of time.

Lumafy Tip 31: Value Your Learners' Knowledge

Tap into your learners' prior knowledge and let them share what they already know!

Lumafy Tip 30: Create a Jigsaw to Learn

Create an environment where learners can learn from each other.

Lumafy Tip 29: Build a Human Connection When Physically Apart

How do you build a human connection when you are physically apart?

Lumafy Tip 28: Build Shorter Lessons to Take Into Account Limits of Cognition and Attention

Break up your content into eNuggets® to keep learners engaged!

Lumafy Tip 27: Create Adaptive Experiences So All Learning Is Relevant

Let your learners' previous knowledge and experiences influence their exploration.
Lumafy Tip 26

Lumafy Tip 26: Build Interactions to Apply Knowledge

Lumafy lessons with simple interactions like matching and sorting to immediately apply what they have learned!