Training. Done. Better.

Luma has been in the transportation industry for over 6 years. In this short time, we have been able to show measurable results because our learning experts work directly with a carrier’s team to customize and meet their company-wide training and learning goals.

Driver Training

We address the driver’s learning needs from the moment they want to become a CDL driver with our Entry-Level Driver Training Program. We continue as soon as they are hired through our DRIVE FIRST® orientation solution. Then, we continue support of ongoing safety and health and wellness education through our eNugget® platform.

Our platform supports synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (anytime, anyplace) learning experiences. With our LumaLive technology, you do not have to bring your users to a physical location for every meeting.

Employee Training

We offer a fully customizable training solution. We have out-of-the-box training that companies can customize based on their policies and needs.

Carriers turn to Luma when they want to:

Expediter PTL shifts to one-day driver orientation, saves thousands!

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Flatbed hauler shortens orientation training by one week!

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