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Truck Hijacking Prevention

Nugget the MascotFor the past 6 years, we’ve collected analytics through driver’s input, feedback, and behaviors and found three overarching principles to be critical to creating an award-winning training. Be on the lookout for what elements of the lessons touch on these aspects.

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Each week we are going to release 1 teaching and learning strategy. These lessons will include estimated time, materials, and instructional procedures for classroom (F2F) and online teaching.

9/20 Luma Learning Lesson #4: Truck Hijacking Prevention


  • Research and discuss how prevalent truck hijacking is in the US.
  • Find and discuss examples of truck hijacking is in the US.
  • Review suggested guidelines for truck hijacking prevention and rate the most important guidelines.
  • Create company specific guidelines for truck hijacking prevention for drivers (option: and the carrier.)

Estimated Time

60 minutes


Instructional Procedures for F2F
1. EfficiencyBefore class, make copies of the Guideline Card Worksheet. Option: You can cut these out and make cards. Make enough copies for the # of tables you will have for the training. You can cut these into cards if you want.
2. EngagementOption: Before class, copy the Truck Hijacking Prevention on label or sticker paper if you want to pass them out during class. You can use these to award or recognize participants for engaging, asking good questions, participating, staying until the end of the class, etc.
3. EngagementWhen the participants get settled, ask the class the following two questions: “What is truck hijacking?” and “How prevalent is it the US?” Option 1: Online Scavenger Hunt. You can have the participants use computers/iPads to do some research to see what examples and stats they can find. Have them find stats on the prevalence and also find at least one recent (in the past 2 years) example. Give participants time to do the research. Call their attention when they look like they are close to being done with their scavenger hunt. Option 2: If you do not want to do the online scavenger hunt, another option is to have them brainstorm as a large class any examples of what it is and what stats they know. Feel free to share your own stats or this infographic on the screen provided by Overdrive.
4. EngagementOption: If you created the stickers, you can give them out to participants who are really engaged. You can stop the class when you notice someone doing a good job and ask the class if they have ever watched college football. Make the reference to the stickers on the helmets. Players get stickers for making plays, doing good things on the field, etc. Tell them, just like the football coach you will be recognizing participants throughout the training.
5. AuthenticityHave groups share at least one example they found of hijacking or a personal example they may know or have experienced.
6. Pass out Guideline Cards you created in step #1.
7. AuthenticityEngagementHave drivers review the cards and sort them into piles they think would be most relevant to them as drivers and to your company. There are a few blank cards where they could add their own guidelines. Have them rate what they believe are the top 3 guidelines for a driver. If there is time, have them pick out the top 3 guidelines for your company.
8. AuthenticityEngagementGo around and discuss the items that each group picked. Highlight any items that participants added to the blank cards. You can use Google Docs or Word to capture the guidelines picked. Together create guidelines that can be followed by drivers and your company. You can use any from these cards that were chosen or discuss new ideas.
9. EfficiencyAuthenticityThe guidelines that are created can be emailed to them after the class.
10. EngagementPass out stickers for everyone that contributed.

Instructional Procedures for Online
1.   Post the following prompts and directions in an online discussion board within your LMS like our eNuggets ®.

Efficiency• What is truck hijacking?” [post 1-2 examples from the web or personal examples]
• “How prevalent truck hijacking in the US?”
2. EngagementOption: Online Badges/Treasures: Set up the expectation in the LMS with directions that each part of the activity they complete online they will earn online badges. They can also earn points for time spent in the different activities. The stickers provided in the f2f materials easily be transitioned into online badges in Luma’s DRIVE FIRST® Learning Platform. In our learning platform, participants can trade in badges for treasures. A treasure can be something like a company hat or a gas card.
3. Online Scavenger Hunt: Include the following directions for an online scavenger hunt activity.

Efficiency• Review online content about truck hijacking [like Luma’s eNugget®] that share guidelines for preventing it. Have them complete assessments to see how much they can recall about truck hijacking
• Find stats on the prevalence and also find at least one recent (in the past 2 years) example of truck hijacking and post it in the Scavenger Hunt online discussion board.
4. Option 1: Webinar Online Guideline Creation: If you have an online synchorus tool like Luma Live, you can do the next activity if you have participants login at the same time from multiple locations.
5. Option 2: Discussion Board Guideline Creation: Alternatively, you can offer an asynchronous option where this portion is doing in an online discussion board. Both options are provided for you.
6. AuthenticityEngagementOption 1: Webinar Online Guideline Creation: Send out the Guideline Cards before you meet and have participants review them. They do not have to be cut in cards.
During the webinar: Have each participant post in the chat box or go around and tell you what they believe are the top 3 guidelines for a driver. If there is time, have them pick out the top 3 guidelines for your company. As they give their top 3, make a list and share your screen so everyone can see it. Discuss if you think any guidelines are missed or should be added to your company guidelines.
7. AuthenticityEngagementOption 2: Discussion Board Guideline Creation: Post the Guideline Cards in the discussion board. Have each participant post in a thread their top 3 guidelines for a driver and their top 3 guidelines for your company. Give them a deadline for posting. After the deadline, go in and compile the lists.
8. EfficiencyAuthenticityThe guidelines that are created can be emailed to them after the online class.
9. EngagementOptional: Individuals earn digital badges/treasures for their engagement.

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