Welcome to Luma, Liz!

Luma, an instructional design and learning company, is excited to announce our most recent hire of Liz Lind, as Instructional Designer. Luma’s core values are customer commitment, integrity, quality, and passion. Liz comes to Luma with a passion for teaching and learning. She started her career as a Language Arts Middle School Teacher and has corporate experience as a curriculum developer and instructional designer.

Dr. Gina Anderson, co-founder and CEO of Luma, stated, “This most recent hire is really exciting for me because instructional design is the foundation of Luma. Adding to our team with the skillset to innovate and take Luma to the next level is foundational to our growth. I am sure excited to see where Liz will take the story of Nugget.”

Liz lives in Orlando, FL, and has a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and knows some pretty cool technology like Kahoot, PowToons, and Nearpod to name a few.

A fun fact about Liz that not too many people know is she once swam with manatees.

Liz can be reached at nugget@learnwithluma.com, liz@learnwithluma.com, or by phone at 574-807-8148 ext. 714.