Welcome to Luma

The Luma Team is Growing!

Luma, an instructional design and learning company, is excited to announce our most recent hires of Tammy Javor as our Director of Customer Success and Renee Faulkner as a Customer Success Specialist.

Dr. Gina Anderson, co-founder and CEO of Luma, stated, “One of our core values is our commitment to our customers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our support and our customer service. We are very pleased to have Tammy and Renee join the Luma team!”

Tammy joins the team with over 20 years developing and supporting client relations. She will be directly involved in onboarding new clients and overseeing and providing customer support. She is physically located in Charleston, South Carolina where Luma is headquartered. Need support? Tammy can be reached directly at tammy@learnwithluma.com or by phone at 574-807-8148 extension X707.

Renee joined the Luma team with direct experience using DRIVE FIRST®. Renee worked with drivers, at Premium Transportation Logistics, which was acquired back in February, to complete their orientation process using DRIVE FIRST®. She has an HR background and has spent about 7 years recruiting in both the medical and trucking fields. Renee is directly involved in client onboarding and providing customer support and is physically located in Toledo, Ohio. Need support? Renee can be reached at renee@learnwithluma.com or by phone at 574-807-8148 extension X708.